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Your home may be at risk of foreclosure if you are finding it difficult to afford your mortgage payments. There are many things you can do to avoid foreclosure and the consequences it can have on your financial life, which may take years to repair. Short sales represent one such way that borrowers can proactively address their financial affairs before they get too out of hand.

Short sales involve the sale of your home for a value less than that of your mortgage. Because of this, you’ll need your lender to agree to a short sale before you can initiate one. At Wesoloski Carlson, P.A., we can provide the assistance you require to engage with your lender in a short sale negotiation. We have nearly 20 years of experience helping clients avoid foreclosure, and our short sale attorney in Miami may be able to help you find a solution as well.

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How Does a Short Sale Work?

A short sale is a lender-approved sale of real estate for a value less than that of the mortgage used to purchase the property. In other words, short sales allow borrowers to satisfy their mortgage debt for less than its full value. For this reason, you must get a short sale approved by your lender before you can proceed. Your lender may be agreeable to a short sale proposition if it believes that foreclosure or other collection actions would recover less value than a short sale.

Homeowners may be able to convince lenders that a short sale is the best options by:

  • Demonstrating that they do not have the income or assets to afford the mortgage any longer
  • Confirming that the market value of their home has dipped so low that a sale wouldn’t recover the current balance on the mortgage
  • Providing the lender with a signed contract demonstrating that the property has an interested buyer

It might seem a little odd that the bank would be willing to take a hit of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, but bear in mind that your just one of your lender’s many borrowers. While the bank would prefer recovering the full value of your mortgage with interest, banks do business knowing some borrowers will inevitably default on their loans.

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Your Lender’s Right to Pursue the Remaining Balance

Never take it for granted that a lender will forgive you for the remaining balance of a mortgage after a short sale. Unaware borrowers can be caught off-guard when lenders all of a sudden demand compensation for the unrecovered portion of a mortgage following a short sale.

Our short sale attorney in Miami can help you obtain the waiver you’ll need from your lender promising that you won’t be accountable for the remaining balance of the mortgage. This important agreement can help you avoid assuming unnecessary debt.

Short Sales & Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy proceedings stop your creditors from trying to collect debts. Many people turn to bankruptcy when they want to stop foreclosures, which is a type of collection activity your lender may eventually pursue.

Short sales, however, are also considered collection activities. It’s important to carefully evaluate if you want to try escaping a mortgage you can no longer afford with a short sale because you may lose your opportunity to do so once bankruptcy proceedings begin.

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